3-Pack: truewhite On The Go Teeth Whitening Pens

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At a time when hygiene is at utmost importance, why not brighten that smile and improve your overall oral health? This On-The-Go whitening pen makes it easy to whiten your teeth while you’re stuck at home or on the move (even if that move is from couch to kitchen right now). Its as simple as twisting the bottom of the pen to expose the whitening gel and painting each tooth to whiten in under 1 minute. No trays, molds, mess or dentist visits to deal with! Use this pen 1-2 times per day for optimal results and to remove years of stains to maintain your already bright and beautiful smile!

Product Features:

• The Clean tube design allows you to see exactly how much whitening gel is being used and is left in the pen. The whitening gel is thick to prevent leakage and the pen device uses a strong twisting mechanism to push the gel through the brush tip for each use.
• Contains 12% Hydrogen Peroxide whitening gel to break down and remove stains on the surface of the teeth.
• Includes 15+ whitening treatments and a gel that comes in a cool, mint-flavor for a refreshing smile every time. Gel is made in USA, gluten-free, kosher and safe for enamel.
• Pen measures 5” and has a sleek tube design so it fits in any purse, pocket or storage area. The flexible brush tip makes it easy to paint the whitening gel inside crevices and across the surface of the teeth — so every visible part of your smile is whitened!